Chris and Linda

Chris and Linda started a new life together on October 14, 2018. We are proud to welcome the brand new Laubis family entity to our lives. They were married at the Lake Lincolndale Clubhouse in the community where Chris grew up, Somers, NY. Today they live together in Chris’s grandparents home, the one shown in detail in Chapter 6.

Welcome them now!

Soon to follow will be some great pictures of their wonderful wedding.


And we were there too!


Celebrating their  First Wedding Anniversary & Chris’s Birthday



1193-45062928-Embrk Terminal-41161_GPRWell the time had finally come! Our long arranged Family Cruise on Disney Magic was here! We were all going on the cruise to Bermuda together for one big celebration. Besides Chris’s birthday on October 11, it was our Grandchildren Zane & Nova’s tenth birthday on October 7 and Chris and Linda’s anniversary on the 14th. So away we went and had a great time together. In order to see the video of all of us having fun, you need to go to this link and view the video our creative Chris put together.

“Our Grandkids Zane & Nova”

Now Chris & Linda!

 Chris and Linda are still Disney Lovers at heart.


Some additional great photos of them having some fun on cruise are here. You may use the controls at bottom of each picture to halt the slides if you wish.

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Now this time of the year, Fall, October and Halloween, have always been Chris’s favorite time of the year. What you may not know is that he is a well known ‘Local’ Rock star and has and performs in a few bands. So, at this time of the year Chris and a group of his friends have a band that plays in New York City and is named ‘Scared Stiffs” Here is a link to one of their many YouTube videos called ………

“The Last Horror Movie!”

Have a look please and be sure to give it a ‘Thumbs Up’! Enjoy

To be continued…….

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