About Hugh & Lynn

Yes, we are now Octogenarians!

June 1, 2019! Hard to believe but yes, 2019 puts us over the top, 80 here we come!

Here is the link which will let you know a little about this historic event!

Hugh & Lynn welcome the big 80!

And here is about us……

     Lynn and I are New York people. Lynn is from Queens, I am from Manhattan. We met through our IBM connections. I was with IBM and Lynn was working at one of my customers.  We both lived and worked in NYC and married in 1962. We continued to live in Manhattan but became accustomed to occasional weekend trips to Lincolndale in Westchester county. This is where “Gus & Rosel”, my parents and who this site about Laubis family in USA begins, had built their country home back in 1940 and soon to become their future place of retirement.

Laubis Family 054
I’m Here!

Our son Christopher was born, 10/11/1966 so it became apparent that our one bed room apartment in Stuyvesant Town on 14th Street would not hold us long. We moved to Lincolndale in Somers, NY, in ’67. After a short time, I was fortunate enough to obtain a better position within IBM up in White Plains and the commute to work became enjoyable. Lynn set up a great household in our first house. Chris, Lynn and I were in paradise.

     Life at IBM was what I refer to as a “Great Ride”, having worked internationally for 20 of my years there, we both saw the world and lived in Germany for 3 of those years. Finally, after 30  years, I retired at end of 1988. By the end of 2017, I will have been retired for as long as I worked for IBM. Lynn at some point went back to work as a ‘buyer’ for a retail store. I did some real estate development and consulting work for another 5 years and then decided if we ever needed to, I could always be a ‘Wal-Mart Greeter’ so we packed It in. Lynn and I loved our home in Somers NY, our lives in the Somers Lions Club, raised our son Chris there but the time was right and by circumstance, found a new life style in a place called Smith Mt. Lake near Roanoke VA and moved there in 1994.

      Hunting, Boating, fishing, golf, vintage cars and Lionel trains were always an important part of my life. We all enjoyed the boating, Lynn prepared the ‘catch’. All that continued for us at Smith Mt. Lake in our huge contemporary on the water. Our Striper fishing boat was right there in our slip, custom El Camino in the garage, and Lionel train setup facing the lake.  We have lived our years in retirement well. Back about that time, we started vacationing in Venice Florida for a month or two each winter. We liked it, quaint place, and eventually we moved here in 2003. There was much more to do, better access to health services and restaurants as well as a warmer climate for year round activity.

         For us living and working in Manhattan for 26 years was elegant, then 25 years in Somers was quaint, 10 years after that at the lake was both elegant and quaint and still now in Venice is quaint and wonderful. Three years ago we entered the liquidation phase of our lives, no more, hunting, boat, classic car or train collection. We now live in a fashionable rented home, lease two cars and eat out often. Golf is occasional, fishing whenever I am invited, attend classic car shows and get my regular exercise at the YMCA a mile down the road.

What is next is yet ‘up for grabs’  so to speak. Our health is still with us.  I am ever grateful to my parents, Theresa, ‘Oma’ & Gus, ‘Pop’  for instilling the knowledge base, discipline, persistence and religious principles to allow me to guide us through this ‘great ride’.

Hugh speaking here now! This video says it all for me! It is my favorite version of a great Frank Sinatra song played by one of my favorite artists in one of my favorite places! Could not be any better than this for this octogenarian! Thank you Andre!

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Trains! The train setup! That is my pretend “Mom”  sitting under billboard on the bench next to our dog Betsy in the opening scene. They watch over all onlookers of the railroad.  I can be seen here building the mountain! It was my final train layout build. Thank you for all this, goes to My Lynn, who was always ready to give up living space to help support my hobbies.

Lynn speaking here now! The fun of building ‘Palisades Park’ where Hugh and I went many times.  Yes it was a great ride!

Christmas wish at a point in time to our son Christopher  and grand kid’s, Zane & Nova

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