Hubert & Lynn have become Octogenarians!

June 21, 2019, Yes Folks, Hubert & Lynn have become Octogenarians!

This is the year Lynn and I both turn 80! Lynn on July 1 and I already on April 18.

So just a few weeks back our Son Chris and his beautiful wife Linda arranged for an all expense trip for us to visit them and an opportunity to ‘hug’ our grandkids Zane and Nova. Little did we know then what they had in mind. It was an opportunity for them to set us up for a surprise birthday celebration at one of our favorite Somers, NY Italian restaurant. When we got there, the door opened into a room full of familiar faces, many relatives, friends and neighbors from our past lives.

Here is a copy of the invitation and table card!

A9Chris is quite a creative guy as you can see from these items he put together for us. What was really something was this poster which now hangs on our wall. It is a history of our lives together, a great historical piece! Thank you Chris. His talents were complemented by a great setup at the restaurant all done by our beautiful niece Lisa. Thank you Lisa!
80 grouping

Here is how the day went, Great pictures new and old! Reaching this age is a great feeling and Lynn and I pray each day that the good Lord gives us another 10 great years. We are in the phase at looking at Senior Citizen complexes to decide where to move next.

Lets Begin!

We suspected something was up and since Linda’s birthday was here also, we thought we might be attending a surprise party for her. Guess who was surprised!

A3There was a room full of familiar faces and we immediately knew this was for us! Well who was there but many of our lifelong friends, relatives and neighbors. But first Lynn and I did our welcome speeches. When I was up there, Lynn had to tell me to sit down (“get the hook”) as I gave my speech about how I was trying to “keep the old man out”, a recent song by Toby Keith. He wrote it for Clint Eastwood’s movie. Interesting!

Have a look here! ====>Keep old man out!

Well we had a great 4 course Italian meal but were too busy renewing old friendships to take pictures and show you how great it was. You will just have to take our word for it. However here is the wonderful cake as our happy grandchildren watch Lynn blow out the candles.!

The Gusti & Yvonne Laubis Family

Then, was one of the best surprises for Lisa and I was the attendance of our some of our cousin Gusti Laubis’ family, namely 93 year old Yvonne, the matriarch of that part of our family. Also who brought her to our party,  was her daughter Christine and husband Teddy.

Now, cousin Gusti passed on some years back. He was missed but here is an early picture. We know he joined others in this celebration looking down from above. Here also is a vintage picture of Gusti and Yvonne’s family visiting Mom before her passing in 1988 from our archives. Please visit their life story at this Link===>Gusti and Yvonne

The Long Island Bunch

Now they all happened to sit at a table with other Long Island folks so we labeled them the “Long Island Bunch”. They were joined by Lisa and Joe Ali, good friends and daughter of Lynn’s best friend  Vincenta (“Vinni”) who just could not make the trip to be with us.

Here are Lisa and Joe with Yvonne, Christine and Teddy!

We visited Lisa and Joe last year when we were in New York for Chris and Linda’s wedding. Lynn and Vinni had a great reunion as these pictures show!

The Boss Family!

Also representing the “Long Island Bunch” were Billy and Sue Boss.  The Boss family is a A15bspecial one in our lives. First met the patriarch “Donald” in 1960 when I took my job at IBM. We became fast friends and he was best man at our wedding. Now he and Ethel had 10 children all of whom we came to know and still love each one and their extended family. Billy and Sue did a great job in representing all of them at our party. His sister Eileen, sent along a special greeting for us as well. Here are some pictures at the party.

Of course there are many pictures of our adventures with the Boss family that are still yet to come in this history of our lives. Here are just a few. Click and scan over the pictures for the words.

A15cA special tribute goes out to two of the Boss family members who just could not be there with us. We still morn their passing and dearly remember Ethel and their son Tommy. Tommy had a great sense of humor and came often by himself to our home in Somers. He also made all the hunting seasons with Don and I. They were both special people to all whose hearts they touched in life. We miss them dearly.

And of course, Donald whom I refer to as “uncle Donald” because he always took good care of me when I worked with him in IBM, could not be there all the way from Florida. However he send us Birthday wishes and an invitation to stay when we come back. Here it is!


And of course, there is Ed and karen Boss down in North Carolina who could not make there either. Here is a link to their page on this site. Karen & Ed Boss

Great Friends and Neighbors!

We were rewarded by all our past neighbors and friends who came and visited with us. While in Somers, we lived in both Lincolndale as well as Granite Springs. Fran and John were our neighbors in Lincolndale. I also worked with John at IBM in White Plains. Fran was so helpful to Chris by taking care of Nova and Zane in their first years.

Bill and wife Ronnie were our neighbors in Granite Springs. Bill and I were fellow Somers Lions together and we shared many ‘back yard’ evenings together.

More Lincolndale friends, the Lippman’s and Stanton’s! Bob and Maria were able to be with us at our celebration, unfortunately the Stanton’s were not. Bob and Helga were our ‘around the corner’ neighbors all the while we lived there. Timing for Bob was not good as we came to morn his passing shortly after our event.

Bob and Maria Lippman, along with the Stanton’s, remain life long friends. Our times together on and off the Lincolndale beach will always be close to our hearts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During the years we lived in Somers, the Stanton Family were always good friends. There are lots of memories there. Here is an Artical out o the paper bak there that really tells what a great person Helga is.

Have a look please. Animal Control Officer Takes Final Bow-Wow _ TAPinto

More Granite Springs neighbors, The Stole’s! Leone and Ivar lived across the street and raised some great kids, Marty being one of them. Ivar and I, along with the Boss family, were hunting buddies and together held the deer population at Gypsy Trail in check. Ivar has not been with us for some time but we continue to remember and love him, a great guy!

The Irish Americans!


A great and important part of our lives while in Somers was our membership and relationship with the Irish American Club of Yorktown Heights. When we moved to Granite Springs, Chris changed schools and attended St. Patrick’s in Yorktown. As a result Lynn, who has Irish Roots, met the Irish American ladies and decided we should join their organization. We did and wound up doing some amazing things, like walking down 5th Ave. in NYC at the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The Montini Family!

Nothing could be more special than being joined by our beloved niece Lisa and her wonderful family. There is and will be lots more about them in other sections of this website as we move forward. But for now, Timmy, Tara, Kristin and Lisa we thank you so much for this great day in our lives.

Watching from Above, Thank you Mom & Pop


Chris, Linda, Nova & Zane, we Love and Thank you!

Chris, how can we ever thank you enough for putting this event together for us. God Bless you, Linda and the kids for all the smiles you bring to us each week about your adventures in life.


Happy 80th Birthday Lynn!


And finally, I was happy that Time Magazine took the opportunity to interview us a give us a cover to their publication.


April 2021

Yes Folks, It is now 2021 and another Birthday on April 18. Yes it was 82 and I am grateful for it. Lynn is following behind on July 1. We are both doing well (enough) as the actual results vary day by day. We just keep our heads up and keep marching forward! Our schedules have suffered due to all this Covid capture the world has been under for the past year. I am back on exercise programs which keep me busy most every day of the week.

I write this note to thank you for all the nice Birthday cards and calls I received. Our son Chris and wife Linda were here for a few days. A nicer gift I could not have received than to hug Chris and tell him how much I miss him and of course even though Nova and Zane could not be here their calls and cards just made my day. Anyway, we went out for a couple of good dinners and drinks. One was a Crab Feast at our favorite  Seafood House. It was great! Thanks again.

Love to all, Hubert

IMG_5712 (2)

And here is a song that make just how I feel the very best.

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