Our Grandkids!!!

Hi Zane & Nova

Of Course these are “Our” grandkids, Lynn & I. Oma and Pop for whom this website is dedicated only look down from above at how beautiful and handsome their great grand children are growing up today.



Lynn and I are happy to jump ahead with this addition to our tribute website to Oma & Pop. Our talented son Chris has joined the editorial department along with Lynn and I to help produce the volume of photos and stories about their lives that are in process.

Chris is developing this section by ‘years’ and so he has created the following slide show which we can call “The Beginning”! It starts with a “hello” to the newest members of our Laubis Family, Zane and Nova, born October 7, 2009. Please have a great visit to our introductory video into their arrival here with us. They are at this writing just 9 1/2 years old. As promised, soon there will be progress to their tenth birthday.

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“Our Beginning”

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Then here we are already in 2010! We are becoming familiar with our Home and New Environment and sharing time with those we have come to know and love.  Please have a look at this great video put together by our loving Dad! Thank you, Zane & Nova

Fall 2019

Well, here we jump ahead and are in Fall of 2019 and another year has gone by Look at these great school pictures. Zane and Nova, you are growing up quickly, handsome and beautiful.

Our Family Disney Cruise.

We all had a great reunion this September. Lynn and I joined with Linda, Chris, Zane and Nova on a wonderful Disney Cruise to Bermuda. Our creative and talented son Chris put together the following slide show capturing all the great events we experienced.

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Our 2019 Christmas Present! A wonderful wall plaque showing all the Christmas pictures from 2009 through this year!

Wow! Chris does great work!

Xmas_2019_sm border

So we wrap up 2019 and move on into 2020. To give us a good sendoff, at Grandpa’s request, Chris put together a video for me of our best pictures of 2019. Here they are all together in a great Video. Hugh’s best 2019!


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