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Hello all our Family and Friends!


      Lynn & I decided it was about time to take our boxes of pictures and memories of our parents, Gus & Therese, their lives, our Laubis & Lutz relatives, all our friends and share them with our friends and the ever growing extended family that are around us today.

We also anticipate and welcome your memories and photos as we carry out our story and pictures forward in future chapters. Please send your comments, stories and pictures to us, either by mail, or to this email address. h.laubis@gmail.com 

Each chapter can be accessed by clicking on BLUE links below or selecting under the family picture above. I will put your comments and pictures into the appropriate chapter, when received. There is also a Place for you to join as a ‘Follower’ over on the right as well, just by entering your email address. This ensures you will be notified of all additions and corrections immediately as they happen. You may also select the language of your choice and it will translate the site for your reading convenience. It is on upper right of the page under the picture.

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Why are we taking on this huge Task? This is a question I have been asked by a number of our friends and family members. We are doing this for the benefit of all the younger generations that come along and have an interest in their heritage. The knowledge and pictures we will put out in the year ahead would otherwise be lost. Pictures in albums that will one day be disposed of and the memories that still linger in our minds need to be in a format that our children, grandchildren and beyond will be able to access. No question, this task would have been easier 10 -20 years ago as many of the faces you see in the pictures were alive and could contribute. Hopefully as the chapters continue to unfold, you our Family and Friends, will contribute and one day one of you will carry this site on.

These are the Chapters and will be told in all our stories and pictures.

1-Let’s Begin the tribute to Gus & Theresa: Our Story starts with The Kottler and Lutz Families around 1900. Completed!

2-Our Family Lifestyles around 1900 thru 1914 + Details of Theresa & Gus’s German Heritage. This details our Family History Roots. The year 1900 was chosen because it was the birth years (1900-1901) of Theresa (Rosel) and Gus. Completed!

3- Learning the good life– 1914 – 1925: This is the time frame during which Gus & Therese came to know each other in Germany, their families and their new lifestyle in Freiburg. Back home in Muggensturm and Bernau new generations emerge. Completed!

4-Theresa Lutz-Kottler comes to America – 1925: She finally meets her relatives in America, the wonderful Uncle Franz Josef Lutz and his large family of Rosel’s American cousins. Completed!

5-Therese moves to NY and Gus follows -The 1930’s: More of God’s helping hand moves the future Laubis family plan along in an incredible way. Beginning the American Dream in spite of the depression 1930’s: Their old country friends, good jobs, setting up household and arrival of  (myself)Hubert and (sister) Elisabeth. Completed!

6-Pop Steers the Family into the Future The great times and nice places to live brought on by Pops hard work and leadership. Buying property on Lake Lincolndale NY, our weekend & summer retreat, and being able to plant a garden, having relatives and friends come visit meant everything! Completed!

Here it is, March 1, 2022.Let us Move forward!

The previous roughly 70 years (1900-1960’s) in (Chapters 1-6  above) were relatively easy to tell as my memory was sharper, photos organized and other family sources around and available to ‘Tap’ for information to supplement my thoughts.

These Next 50 years up until today contains a huge amount of information which is difficult to segment into good logical order but I will do my best to tell the stories mostly in pictures with comments.

So! Lets divide 40 of the next 50 years (Mid 1960’s-present) into two Generational timeframes. First we let Chapter 7  ‘All in the Family’ address the timeframes (1960’s – 2000) which cover the ‘end times’ of my parents Gus and Theresa , ‘early lives’ of  their family, including Chris and Lisa’s ‘growing up’ period. This work is now in process but please click on Chapter 7 and have a look.

Finally! Chapter 8 -‘ Our Latest Generations’ will  tell of the next 12 years  ( 2011-2022) of our ‘latest generations’ Chris & Linda and our Grandchildren, Lutz families and reunions and continued relationships with many friends and family. This work is now in process also but coming slowly.

Yes! Chapter 7& 8 will be the final but all inclusive chapters to bring this marvelous story up to as current a ‘state’ as possible. When you enter these chapters, they will be divided into segments with links to the pictures and comments which hopefully tell the stories. Please take a look at those links with which you are most interested and jump around a bit. Many links will be as close to finished as possible, others as we locate more pictures to continue on to that story. Enjoy

God Bless!

Hubert & Lynn

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Chapter 1 Let’s get Started

Chapter 2 – Our German lifestyles around 1900 to 1914

Chapter 3 Learning about the Good Life 1914 – 1925 Freiberg

Chapter 4-Theresa comes to America – 1925:

Chapter 5 Theresa & Gus find “Home” in NY USA! (’30’s – ’50’s)

Chapter 6 Pop Steers the Family into the Future (1930’s – 1960’s)

Chapter 7 “All In The Family” (1960’s – 2000)

Chapter 8 Our Following Generations (2000 plus)