Gusti and Yvonne

g4Here we say hello to Gusti and Yvonne and get to read the document of their lives with many great historical pictures of each of  their families in Europe. They came here to America and it was such a delight to have them stay and watch their children grow up here and spend lots of time with us together. Their story is right here in this document which they wrote together in order that their children would have a legacy of their family history. It is an incredible story of the difficulties of immigration and wonderful lives they built here in America.

Lets start with some great pictures!

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Easter 03

Yvonne & Gusti’s Extended family – Easter 2003

Unfortunately since we live so distant from their families, we just have not had recent year opportunities to be together as was in the early days. However, just recently at the end of June 2019, we were in New York for a few days. During that time, Chris and Linda threw a surprise party for Lynn and Hubert’s 80 birthdays. To our delightful surprise, Yvonne, herself now 93, and her daughter Christine along with hubby Ted were in attendance for which we are grateful.

We know Gusti was there in spirit as he unfortunately passed away some years ago.

Here are a few pictures.

And now a special picture of Yvonne with our God Child Catherine. Cathy is a special needs person and Yvonne and Gusti always have done a marvelous job in making sure those needs are met. We love all the ‘Gusti & Yvonne’ family dearly. Be sure to read their story in the link above.


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