Karen & Ed Boss

Say Hello to Karen and Ed! Ed, thank you for the phone call the other day and kicking around some old stories which bring on many fond memories. I look forward to posting many more of your stories and pictures.

Ed, please send them for preservation of great Historical memories!

Ed is just one of the members of the ‘Don and Ethel’ clan of beautiful folks that Lynn and I got to know as a result of my job at IBM where I met ‘Uncle Donald’, Ed’s Dad!

Hubert & Ed at some earlier time in Long Island.

For the entire ‘Boss Clan’ , I will post a few more random photos. I am in hopes that each of you take advantage of telling your personal stories and pictures for posting here on this website. Lynn and I have many great memories of our times together but your stories are what really counts for us. Thank you all! Uncle Hubert and Aunt Lynn.


If you wonder who the “Manager” in the Ed & Karen Household is, have a look!

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Hubert & Lynn have become Octogenarians!

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