Leon Tetkoski

The Tetkoski Family in Baltimore Maryland

I am so Happy to have made contact with Lee after many years. This happened as you will see as you read his latter dated 12/17/2020, last Christmas. This writing is just the beginning as I have more recent info in an email which I will put up soon. See his letter here in this link! Leon.

Lee, please show Betty these pictures I put together for her. Maybe she has them but if not these are for sure her memories. The first set of pictures were taken in 1928 by writing on the back. You will read about my mother’s entry to America in this link. https://hughlaubis.com/4-theresa-comes-to-america-1925/

It was 1925. Evidently my mother came back to Baltimore from NY and brought with her some ladies I grew up to know well, all born in same home town (Muggensturm Germany) as you great grandfather, who I came to know as ‘Grozpop’!  I give you my best guess that some of the girls in the pictures are Dutz and your Mom Betty. Let me please know what you think.

Here are the pics. Not too clear because the photos were all tiny in that timeframe. Scan over them to read captions.

Also here are pictures of my mom and dad in the 1940’s. My dad was at his desk in his position in Parkchester. He was just back from a long illness. Not a great picture of a great man!

Lee, I am happy for you to send me pics you would like to add I will add your most recent email as well. Thanks so much, Hubert

Folks, more to come!