Bill Varian

My Friend Mr. Bill Varian!

Bill and his wife Loretta came into our lives in the mid 1990’s when we moved to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. This was the first leg of our retirement trip to the south. It was a glorious time and meeting Bill and Loretta from New Jersey was one of the highlights of our stay there. Of course, things change and the Varian’s moved back to New Jersey to be closer to their children and growing grandchildren,and Lynn and I moved further south to Venice Florida.

We managed to remain in touch. Bill was instrumental in getting me involved with my ancestry and as a result I did some research back when we were together living at the lake. Much of it surfaces here in the Tribute Site to the Laubis Family USA

At the lake, Bill and I were fellow Striper fishermen, often bragging about who was best! I bragged, but he was the best. We also individually hosted cocktail parties for our newfound friends who were members of our ‘Party Time’ fun group. Loretta always put out her best Italian recipes. They were the best.

More recently, Bill has been helpful in getting many of the facts and figures on my family together. He is an expert on and digs details out that amaze me. I am grateful for his support in my effort. I look forward to his help into the future and welcome him to my support group. Thank you Bill!

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