Stephen & Lisa Lutz

12/21/2018 Merry Christmas from Stephen & Lisa!

Lynn and I just received the most wonderful Christmas Greetings from them. Let me first tell you how Stephen fits into our family website. We are so happy to have their family join our Friends and Family group.

Stephen is the son of Frank ‘Sonny’ Lutz who is my 2nd cousin. Sonny’s story is soon to come as we progress our site into the 1940’s &’50’s.



Stephen is the grandson of Sebastian (Bast) Lutz of the Jersey Lutz’s, my Mom’s cousin.


Peter, Uncle Bast & Mom

Stephen is the great-grandson of Franz Josef Lutz (Pop Lutz) who sponsored my Mom to America in 1925.


Taking a nap on S. Conkling Baltimore 1920

My memories of both Uncle Sebastian (Bast) and Pop Lutz you can read in Chapter 4.

Here is the wonderful card from a wonderful family. Their family story is very unique and I have Stephen and Lisa to please add it here so all Friends and Family have an opportunity to share in its joy.

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