Charles Tarantino

Finding people on the internet and through Ancestry has been a wonderful plus for those of us building a website.

On Tuesday March 19, I received this email from one of the Tarantino’s whose parents are highlighted in Chapter 5 about my parents reuniting with old country folks in New York. Please read this nice note from Charles.

“Such a beautiful remembrance of your family and their friends. I am the middle son of Paul Tarantino and Irma Beetz. I remember. The many visits to Lincolndale and the many visits your mom and dad made to our home in Guilford CT. I remember your dad driving out in a 1950’s Ford Victoria, 2 tone. It was always so wonderful when your dad and mom visited and when my parents visited in Lincolndale. I remember your mom talking about you your college graduation and working at IBM. Everyone worked hard but the love and friendship of all was so strong”

Needless to say, I quickly responded this way.

“Well, well! Thanks so much for your kind words. I hope you saw your father and mother’s picture in Chapter 5. The real winner in this whole website is your aunt Frieda. I call her the “Beetz connection”. If you read carefully chapter by chapter you will see how she was instrumental in coaxing my mother out of Muggensturm and all the way to NY. Also there is some stuff on there about your Aunt Erna and uncle Ernst. Please tell me more about yourself and your family history and I am adding you to the ‘family and friends’ part of ‘Welcome page’. Look down right side and you will see where you are. Here are a few YOUTUBE links of old videos I put up. If you look close at the clubhouse party one, you will see your mother and father. Not sure what the occasion was anymore. Clubhouse Party The car was a 1953 Ford Victoria. It was Lynn & My honeymoon car. 1953 Ford  Please let us hear more about your family and life experiences. Charles, I hope we can continue a conversation on our families. As you see in the site, the Beetz connection was an important part of our lives. BTW what ever happened to your aunt Paula in Brazil? I only met her one time. Best Hubert” 

And a great return response……

“I am so grateful and happy for our communication. My reply delays are due to that I am currently out of the country and will not be returning to the US until mid May. My electronic resources are limited (Vietnam). But I look forward to continued communication and searching memories.
To my recollection Paula some years after her brother Carlos passed away moved to her sister in France. Her sister’s daughter Irene lives in Montreal Canada.”

Thank you


A Muggensturm Reunion


My Pop, Uncle Ernst, Uncle Albert


Chas. Mom, Uncle, Aunt & Tante Erika


Charles parents & my mom

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