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Hi Laubis ‘Friends and Family’,

Say hello to Alfonse Preisser, an old friend from my high school days at Fordham Prep. FP57_126My high school story at the Prep is a story waiting to be told and hopefully I will get this website soon into the 1950’s.

Al and I had a special relationship at the Prep. We were the only first-generation German-Americans in our class of ’57.  Since my mother’s side of the family contained the ‘Lutz’ heritage, I pursued discussion with the two Lutz brothers, Ned & Pete and also George Lutz  in our class about their heritage. They were already many generations in America and showed no interest.

Al and I followed each other through the Science Honors program which included three years of German language instead of Greek, Spanish (or was it French?). Of course, we had four years of Latin along with that. Now nobody was walking through the halls sharing conversation in Latin or Greek, but Al and I often exchanged polite comments in German. This photo in our German class was staged for our yearbook.


The last time I recall seeing Al was at our 50th reunion which was 2007. So you can imagine how pleased I was to get an email from him. He found the Laubis website!

Here is his note, Thank you Al!

Mon, Oct 22, 9:13 PM 

“Hello Hugh,

I did check out your web site. Quite a job you have done documenting your family history. It must have taken many days of work . I checked very quickly some of the chapters and saw the name of a town called Michelbach. Now, if this town is close to Frankfurt, an amazing coincidence has occurred. I had an uncle who was married to my mother’s sister. In 1949, I went with my parents and older brother to Germany to visit relatives and we went to Michelbach to see my uncle’s parents. I don’t think they were originally from Michelbach but had settled there before or after the war. My parents are both from Swabia . Dad is from a town outside of Stuttgart and my mom from a very small town close to Rottweil. We have kept in contact with relatives in Germany . In 2013 had a reunion with both sides of the family. Lots of fun .

I have a second cousin who lives in Sarasota . The next time we come to Sarasota will contact you to see if you are available for lunch. Life is good here in Dallas. Take care. Al”


Well Al, we never got into all these details back at school 60 years ago but we do have more in common than we ever thought. Yes there is only one Michelbach in Germany and it is not far from Frankfurt. It so happens that my mothers sister (my Aunt) from Muggensturm which is only a long walk from Michelbach married Simon Reiger from there. They lived in a historic Mill in the center of town and Lynn and I visited them along with my parents in 1966. When we did, he gave me a gift of his mustering out mug from WW1. I can’t put my fingers on their pictures or of the old house but when I do, I will add them to this post.

Now to Swabia outside Stuttgart. My career was with IBM and for a number of years I worked in their European Banking operations in Boeblingen which is just outside Stuttgart. We lived in a small village named ‘Altdorf’ in the outskirts. During that time, we often visited the villages of my parents and met with relatives there. that story will also come onto the website when I get to that time frame.

Ok, so lets talk Sarasota! We are very close by in Venice and visit there often. 108

Tom & Tia Healy come through here each year from Colorado visiting friends in Naples. We look forward to their visits and certainly Lynn and I will look forward to your visit as well. Here is a ‘selfie’ we took on their last visit. So please don’t be a stranger we would love to have you.

Hugh & Lynn Laubis                                         Hughes Hall – Our prep building back then.








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