Peter & Fran Schenk

Peter is a contributor to my support team. Not only is he a computer whiz, but also a lifelong friend of Lynn and I. We met at the IBM Uptown office in Manhattan where we both worked as Customer Engineers. Peter immigrated from Switzerland in 1956, and enlisted in the US Army. In 1959 he became a US citizen and joined IBM’s Field Engineering Division in Manhattan, NY. Peter worked on a number of IBM Computer Systems, from 1410 <===  (Play this link) to System 360 Model 65. I remember Peter saying: “Hubert, the future in this business is in software!”. He always was careful to learn both the hardware and operating systems, this allowed him to diagnose and solve problems quickly in his later capacity as System Specialist.

a peter 1During this time Peter met his wife, Frances Artese, at Teachers Insurance, one of Peter’s accounts. Lynn and I spent many, happy hours together with Peter and Frances, both in ‘the city’, and also in Lincolndale, where my parents had our vacation home. Please take a look at this great video clip showing one of their visits to us in Lincolndale. Link==> Pete & Fran

Peter had the good experience of knowing my Mom and Pop personally as well. My Pop and Peter hit it off well, both talking their native Swiss language. Peter left IBM in 1968 and pursued a carrier in System Performance software at Duquesne Systems in Pittsburgh, PA.

A peter2

Peter, Fran and Lynn

Peter is still working with computers and is assisting me with formatting and uploading my old videos to YouTube, allowing for easy storytelling with quick links to pertinent video clips. Peter and Fran have their own family website. Please take the time to have a look! ===> Schenk-Artese-chronicles

June 24,2018

As I continued into our picture albums, I came across a few more recent pictures of the four of us. As it happened back in the late 1990’s, we did some travelling together and visited each other both back with Pete and Fran at their place in Connecticut but also they visited us at our home at the time at Smith Mt. Lake Va. In the picture you see Lynn has a shirt from Aruba, also a place the four of us visited. It was there that I first learned of Peter’s black jack system for beating the casinos. He is really good at it and it was just recently that Foxwoods Resort Casino up where they are in Ct.  had to get the Brinks truck to carry home their winnings. Lynn and I miss Peter and Fran but we converse often on our many technical devices. Take a look at us in from of our Lake home and Peter and I on the Lake. Best to all, Love Hubert & Lynn


At SML, our paradise