Lisa Montini

Lisa Gets Comfortable with Oma & Pop in Lincolndale

I am not exactly sure of the date when Lisa became a permanent member of the Laubis household at 15 Flower Drive in Lincolndale, but she was 8+ years old and it was sometime after her Father “Al” passed away. That makes no difference because we all were happy for her. She became established in Somers School, she came with Lynn, Chris and I wherever we went. She was under the care of the best grandparents any child could wish for. Oma and Pop were there for all her needs.

Enter “Jacque”

When arrangements were finalized for the change in households, Jacque was part of the package. It was a good deal! He was forever company, a great family member, and a joy for all three in Pop’s Household.

He lived a long life and remained on after Lisa married and moved with her husband Teddy into their own quarters. After Jacque passed on, he was assigned a spot on the Lincolndale property at the SE corner of the garden. His remains there are along side of the other member of the West animal family which had arrived as well. It is ‘Happy’, the Siamese cat which was also loved and cared for. There will be a picture here of him someday when I find one!

All adult members of the family watching out for Lisa at the time are shown here.

We all just love her!

And there was also Chris.

Lisa & Chris were locked together from the start. Early foto’s show the bond between them. He welcomed her home to Lincolndale also.

They remain today as close as brother and sister.

Hi All! I will work on this as soon as I get off the blanket! Love Lisa!


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