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            David is a special individual who cares about the people who have had a profound impact on our lives. David is the author of several WordPress Websites in which he manages the subjects which have had a great meaning on his and all of our lives.


David with his Triumph

One site addresses his love for British automobiles, presently owning a Jaguar XK8 and a Triumph TR6. As the ex-President of the Connecticut Triumph Register, his website is a place for all club-members to see what events are coming up, and photos and reviews of past shows and cruises etc……..
Another one, which I subscribe to, is all about our shared work experiences at the IBM Field Engineering Branch Office in White Plains NY. It is David’s desire to keep the camaraderie alive for those of us who are BO Alumni. He encourages us all to share our life experiences, communicate with each other, and coordinates events such as our fishing trips, barbecues, golf outings, Auto Shows and Christmas Parties!


And his Jag!

David is the WordPress expert that got me involved in selecting it as the tool to create my Laubis Family USA website. He continues to be my WordPress mentor, as I move forward in my pursuit of a great Tribute to my Parents website. I am grateful for his guidance and direction. Thank you David!

Please take a look at these websites so you can appreciate his fine work.
https://wpboalums.wordpress.com/ is the link to the BO website and
https://ctriumph.wordpress.com/ is the link to the Triumph site.

And some of the IBM White Plains Branch office Alumni Dec. 2017!

Christmas Hats

And I had the pleasure of visiting the group at our October 2018 get together! Can you pick me out? Watch this link. ====> Hugh at Get together

Hi Folks, got this note today (7/17/2019) from Buddy Dave. Please have a read on what he has discovered about our latest Chapter 6 of this site.

Hi Hugh,
Thanks for sending me the latest chapter in your family history.
I just read thru it all, and see so many similarities between our dads……….

First off, when we lived in England my dad worked as a civilian carpenter, electrician, painter, handyman for the Royal Air Force maintenance group…..sound familiar?
Second, when we emigrated to the US, with the help of a family friend dad got a job as a superintendent in Mamaroneck NY!
The first location was a single building with 40 apartments, and his ‘compensation’ was a free apartment!
We then moved to a large Garden Apartment complex with one ‘assistant’ and he got a salary too. Then we moved to a big Bronxville NY complex where he had a dozen employees and a bigger paycheck!…..sound familiar?
Third, in all the places we lived, he had a ‘workshop’ with tools. I too got a couple of really good bikes, even a motor-scooter!…..plus a lot of my relatives got some great hand-me-down furniture…..sound familiar?
Fourth, during WWII since my dad was “legally blind” he was not drafted, so he was a ‘blackout warden’ and every night had to go thru the neighborhood to be sure every house was completely dark……sound familiar?
I could go on and on I think…..

You now have so much info on your blog, I think (when completed) you should have it printed in a book form. Not necessarily for general publication, but printed and given to the greater family children and grandchildren. Possibly a Family Christmas Gift? I find it fascinating reading your family history, and would have loved to have a Semple family history book passed down to me. Who knows where ‘the internet’ will be a few years from now…..a printed book will last forever! Just a thought!!

Thanks again,

David S.

Here is my reply!
Hubert Laubis <h.laubis@gmail.com>
7:14 AM (10 hours ago)
to David

Wow really interesting! I wonder how many immigrants started out that way. I do know that the bulk of men at lowest level working for pop were mostly Irish and Italian immigrants. They hauled the incinerator ashes out to the curb each morning to be picked up. Wow thanks for your comments.

And David writes this great note back!

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019, 10:21 PM David Semple <dhstr6@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks for posting the info on your family site. Very thoughtful of you.
Your comment about other immigrants working as a superintendent reminded me that after we arrived here in the United States and got established, we sponsored my (Irish) uncle and his family to join us here in the “land of opportunity”. And, my dad got him a job in Bronxville as a…..yes…..you guessed it…….as a superintendent! My uncle passed away many years ago, but before he passed on, he gave me all his tools!
Our dads were special, they were both SUPER-intendents,
David S.

While you are here Folks’ have a look at the Chapter we are referring to. Thanks

Chapter 6 Pop Takes us into Future


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