Holger Fuchs

I am so happy to have made contact with Holger who is a resident of my Mother’s home town of Muggensturm Germany. He was introduced to me by Valerie Lutz. They are both very avid participants in the research of Ancestry. Holger has a great deal of knowledge of Muggensturm as it has been the home of his maternal side for generations. As an introduction, I am placing his first contact email to me here as an introduction. Please click on the link and see what a great find Holger is to my work on my family website.

Holger note

Holger has already been helpful to me unravelling some names which were of my boyhood recollection. I have more work that I am hopeful he will be able to help me with. He personally knows some of the same folks who are still alive of my families younger generation. Here is a sample of his great finds. Click on the link!

Gmail – Gerda Nuss & Johann Maulbetsch

Now! Ulrike Schneider is daughter to Gerta Nuss. After contacting her recently for Christmas season and to ask how Gerta was, here is what she wrote. Of course she wrote in German and I translate that here for your reading pleasure. Again, Click on link please.

Ulrika Reply